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How To Get Your Ex Back (1)Patching up the relationship after a breakup is not so easy; however, it is not impossible either. There are many useful techniques that can help you get your ex back to you. People around you may ask you just to move on with the breakup and to forget about the past. But, you know how difficult it is to forget the one whom you love the most. If you think your love is true and you want your ex back, then you should try to get your ex back in all the possible ways.

The very first step that you need to take when you want your ex back is to use the ‘No Contact’ rule. You should not talk to each other for some time because you both usually have high tension post breakup. You both should give each other some space to think about the cause for your breakup; and whether or not you really deserve each other. Also, when you take some time to contact your ex, you will make him or her think about the good times you both spent together.

According to Michael Fiore, one of the leading relationship experts, the most effective way to contact your ex after the breakup is through SMS or texting. Though most people know about this fact, they are unaware of the right type of messages that they can send. Hence Michael has developed a relationship guide known as Text Your Ex Back. This guide includes various tips and tricks on how to win your ex’s love back through SMSs.

Why Messaging So Effective?

So, why does Michael have opted for text messaging as the right communication form for patching up the broken relationships? Why is text messaging so effective? Here are some of the basic reasons for choosing SMS as the right communication medium for getting your ex back to you:

  • SMSs are private, personal as well as intimate
  • Not so disturbing as calls
  • If you can do texting properly, it is very subtle and non-challenging hence it is very simple to get into your ex boyfriend or girlfriend’s good graces.
  • Access to your ex is better through text messaging – you can do it even in those places where calling is not possible such as at your work or school.
  • When texting, you will have enough time to think about what you should tell your ex. This is not possible with calling.

Above are only some of the advantages of text messaging than calls. You can benefit in many ways to mend your broken relationship with your ex by using text messaging as the main communication form.

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About The Author

How To Get Your Ex Back (6)The author of the guide Text Your Ex Back, Michael Fiore is a relationship and dating specialist from Seattle. He became very famous in the year 2010 through the popular program called ‘Text The Romance Back’. Unlike most relationship specialists, Michael mainly focuses on training people to improve their relationship with the help of texting.

His theories have proven that text messaging can do wonders in creating intimacy and romance, and strengthening the bond between a man and woman. Through his powerful relationship tips, he became very famous and caught the attention of Rachel Ray Show, Easter European Clerics, Sex Advice Columnists, Mainstream Media, and many others.

The author has been offering effective relationship tips to numerous couples on how to save their relationship. He has helped over 100,000 people till date to develop their relationship. According to the author, the one aspect that can do wonders without making you desperate and pathetic is the harmless act of text messaging.

About The Guide

Text Your Ex Back is a great relationship-advice guide, which includes a comprehensive relationship program that acts as the right medium to get your ex back to you, through texts or SMSs. The author of the program claims that the guide is very much capable of mending broken relationship very effectively.

The Text Your Ex back guide was launched in the month October in 2011. It was mainly developed for helping both men and women to rediscover their lost love. Michael says it clearly that the guide is not a miracle pill to work overnight.

Text Your Ex Back is an effective yet simple and straightforward approach. But, you should follow it properly in order to have it work for you. According to author, no single text is present that can work instantly to mend your broken relationship. However, the author says, the guide will be able to help you in starting a fresh relation with your ex.

Text Your Ex Back is not at all about repairing the broken relationship. Michael says the old relationship dies once after the breakup. So, you should not try to repair it. You should try for a fresh beginning with your ex love. The approach used in Text Your Ex Back guide helps you in developing intimacy and desire between you both.

How To Get Your Ex Back (5)Things That You Learn From Text Your Ex Back

Following are some of the interesting and useful things you will learn from Text Your Ex Back program:

  • Settling issues with your ex love through SMS or text messaging
  • Composing effective SMSs which can help your ex understand you well
  • What to write to your ex in order to win his or her love back, and make them start thinking about you
  • Making your ex boyfriend or girlfriend express their inner feelings towards you

How To Download The Program?

You can go through the demo video provided on the Text Your Ex Back’s official website on how to use it, how it works, its advantages and all. If you are planning to own the program, you should make the payment and download the program from its official site.

Text Your Ex Back Package

Along with Text Your Ex Back relationship guide, you will also get eleven modules of each having a video and a PDF file, as well as a worksheet. The program is developed specially for helping you get nearer to your ex. In order to send SMSs to your ex after the breakup, you need proper preparation. The guide will help you thoroughly on the same.

Working on yourself is one of the crucial parts to get your ex back successfully. You should spend ample time on understanding the guide and following it properly. The guide does not offer instant or overnight results. However, it offers successful results when you follow author’s suggestions properly. Videos are very much understandable and straight to the point. You can even take the printouts of the program in order to read it on offline too.

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The 5 Contenders Of The Program

Across The Bow Text Message: This is the first type of message you will be sending to your ex after the long back due to breakup. This customized message will help you make your ex love know that you have been thinking about them yet not so terrible as he or she imagines.

Best Of Relationship Text Message: With the help of this text message type, you will be able to make your ex rethink about the good times you spent together.

Intimacy Booster Text Message: This one is very similar to Best Of Relationship Text other than that it aims mainly on positive incidents between you and your ex.

The Green Eyed Monster Text Message: Again this one is a customized message, and it helps you in making your ex feel jealous in a positive manner.

Emotional Honesty Text Message: This message type lets you be open emotionally as well as speak honestly to yourself.You should not jump directly to Emotional Honesty messages type because post breakup one usually makes one’s ex afraid, and it is very hard to handle such situations as emotions are on high side. Michael Fiore asks the readers to use the above text messages one after the other to have them work effectively in bringing your ex back to you.

Money Back Guarantee

Michael is offering a 60 day money back guarantee on the Text Your Ex Back guide. Hence if you are unhappy with the program for some reason, you can claim for money back. Without any questions being asked, you will soon receive the amount back to you. Most existing users of the Text Your Ex Back have shared their experiences through positive reviews and testimonials, and all of them are pretty much happy with the program. So, you will not get the need of claiming for money back.


Text Your Ex Back has been successfully helping numerous people since it was launched in the market. The author of the book, Michael Fiore, has been helping hundreds of thousands of people around the globe in rediscovering their lost love back. You can go through the reviews around the web to know more about how the program has been helping many people to get their ex back. If you are skeptical whether or not the program works for you, the author is offering 60 day money back guarantee.How To Get Your Ex Back (4)